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My First Post

Posted at — Apr 24, 2019

Hello there, this is my first blog post. Let me first start by saying a few words about myself, my name is Bram Oosterlynck and I was born in Belgium. In my free time I like to do a lot of stuff, camping, hiking, road trips, etc. But this blog will be about something else I love doing in my free time. I love playing around with technology, and that is what this blog will be about.

What articles can I expect from this blog?

Technology is a very wide subject, this blog will be about my interests and projects related to technology. Some of those are; Linux (and other Open Source operating systems), Free and Open Source Software, retro computing, embedded systems… This list could go on for a while.

Where does the name “The World Beyond Linux” come from?

I have been a long time Linux user (or should I say GNU/Linux ;-)) and for me, this was (well, still is) my main operating system. For a lot of people their main operating system on the desktop is Windows or macOS, and some of these people sometimes get adventurous and give Linux a try on their desktop. Like these people I also get adventurous, but because for me, Linux is my default operating system on my desktop, I tried other operating system like OpenSolaris, FreeBSD, ReactOS etc. And this is where the idea for the name originally came from.

One last disclaimer

I am definitely not a good writer, I am also not interested in being one. But I do want to keep a diary of the projects I did, or am busy with. In the first place for myself, but also to share with other people who are interested in starting a similar project as I have already done. This way they can get inspiration from the work I already did. By having a public blog, I can also easily share my work with friends and colleagues who want to know more about the projects I am busy with.